Listening to Our Employees

Listening to Our Employees Creating an engaged workplace

To create a more productive, inclusive work environment and retain top talent, we seek feedback from employees on how we are doing, where we can improve and what makes our people proud to work for Gap Inc. 

Gap Inc.’s overall employee engagement index and scores on specific questions consistently exceed external benchmarks by a wide margin. Reasons employees cite for being proud to work for Gap Inc. regularly include: integrity and ethics of colleagues, reputation as an employer, commitment to the community and commitment to social and environmental responsibility.


Employee Unit 2011 2012 2013 2014
Employee satisfaction % of satisfied
80 80 82 82
% of total
61 68 64 69

We are currently adjusting our method for assessing employee engagement and satisfaction. This includes developing a new approach that makes a more direct connection between employee attitudes and behavior and our business results.