Sustainable Product Great product that has been designed with sustainability in mind

As one of the world’s largest apparel retailers, we recognize that with our size comes a great responsibility to the people who make our clothes, and to our shared planet. At the same time, our global scale presents a greater opportunity to make a difference. That’s why we are committed to integrating sustainability more deeply into every aspect of our business, from the materials we source, to the suppliers that we work with, and ultimately the clothes that we all wear.

We are committed to continual improvements in the design and development of great product, that looks good, and leaves the world a better place.

women's demim

Gap Denim

As part of our Gap for Good initiative launched in 2016, we are stitching together programs and partnerships to reduce the environmental impact of denim manufacturing. We have started with two important components that go into our denim manufacturing, cotton and water.

Supporting Sustainable Cotton

Cotton is essential to our business. It gives our 1969 denim the strength and comfort it’s known for. Cotton also supports the livelihoods of millions of people around the world. That’s why, in 2016, we joined the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) to partner on sustainable cotton farming initiatives worldwide. From farmworker training, to water conservation and chain of custody traceability, using Better Cotton reinforces our commitment to sustainable production of the world’s most important natural fiber.

Washwell: Innovation in Denim Wash

Building on our commitments to Women + Water, designers at Gap are taking this work one step further by finding ways to save water and reduce pollution through the design choices they make – while staying true to the look and feel of denim that customers love. For example, selected Gap denim washes now incorporate plant-based fabric softeners that are certified by the USDA as BioPreferred®, a positive step forward in the effort to eliminate hazardous chemicals and protect the health of workers and waterways. Smart denim wash techniques have already saved millions of liters of water, and product design teams are working to further increase these savings.

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Athleta Repetition Tank & Tee

Instead of relying on traditional methods of dyeing fabric, we have introduced planet-friendly technology which reduces water usage and pollution.

Waterless Dyeing Technology

Our Repetition Tee and Tank are made using DryDye® technology, a waterless dyeing process which saves 4.5 gallons of water per garment and eliminates the need for chemical additives. This revolutionary technique differs from conventional dyeing in that it uses compressed CO2 to penetrate and color fibers, replacing water by up to 95%.

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Waterless Dyeing Technology