HighlightsOur futures are
woven together


1,000,000 women

By 2020, we will expand Gap Inc. P.A.C.E. to more factories and communities to give one million women worldwide the opportunity to gain the skills and confidence to change their lives.


60,000+ employees

We led our industry and raised the minimum wage to $10 for 60,000+ US employees in 2015. We were the first Fortune 500 company to disclose that we pay female and male employees equally for equal work.


558,000 Hours

Our employees volunteered over 500,000 hours in 2015 with the support of more than 2,000 Community Leaders across the world, who lead a wide range of volunteering projects for their teams.


2000+ teens and young adults

More than 2,000 teens & young adults have received job training and store internships through our This Way Ahead program. Our investments in nonprofit organizations have reached over 270,000 youth in the past 3 years.

There's a power in our connection to each other that offers unlimited possibilities for creating change.


17,000 People

Through our Women + Water program, 28,000 people in India now have access to clean water. We partner with fabric mills and the Natural Resources Defense Council to conserve water and fight pollution.


-50% Emissions

We view access to a healthy environment as a human right – and we've set ambitious goals for 2020, including a 50% absolute reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in owned and operated facilities globally.

Factory Working Conditions

1,000 Factories

We consistently visit the factories that make our clothes – about 1,000 each year. Through innovative partnerships and as a founding member of the Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety, we’re forging industry-wide change.


70% Leadership

We’re a voice for marriage, racial, and gender equality. In 2015, women made up more than 70% of our senior leadership, and we sponsored six employee resource groups to promote diversity and inclusion.