2017 Highlights

105 million pounds

We sourced 105 million pounds of more sustainable cotton through the Better Cotton Initiative, 10x more than in 2016

Received the 2017 EPA SmartWay Excellence Award for logistics sustainability

2x enrollment

Doubled enrollment in our Workplace Cooperation Program, which improves communication between workers and management in our suppliers' facilities

CommiTted to set a science-based target for reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in our supply chain

10 years

One decade of empowering women, girls and youth through our P.A.C.E. and This Way Ahead programs

wood-derived fibers policy
to protect
ancient and endangered forests

Ranked #2

Ranked #2 out of 6,000 global companies in the Thomson-Reuters Diversity and Inclusion Index

Launched Women+Water Alliance, a public-private partnership with USAID to improve water, sanitation and hygiene access

94% completion

Nearly all our strategic suppliers' mill facilities completed the Higg Index to measure and improve the environmental impacts of apparel manufacturing