Fire & Building Safety

Fire & Building Safety

Levels of fire and building safety vary greatly across the global apparel industry and depend on a number of factors, including local laws and regulations, building maintenance, the technical capabilities of local experts and the expectations and actions of suppliers and brands. 

To address this, our Supplier Sustainability team works to improve fire and building safety by checking that all facilities:

  • Maintain sufficient fire alarms, clearly marked exits and emergency lighting
  • Conduct evacuation drills
  • Keep all doors, aisles, exits and stairwells clear, accessible and unlocked during working hours
  • Maintain and charge fire extinguishers that are visible and accessible to workers in all areas of the facility

We also continue to evaluate how our involvement in initiative such as Nirapon can inform our approach to addressing fire and building safety across all of our suppliers’ facilities. For example, we began conducting comprehensive fire, building and electrical safety inspections in our approved facilities in Pakistan to identify risks that may require immediate attention in that country.

In the first quarter of 2018, we worked with engineers to conduct fire and electrical safety assessments in 20 of our approved facilities in Cambodia. We are now working with expert engineers and our suppliers to implement corrective action plans, in order to build the capacity within their operations to appropriately mitigate and manage fire and electrical safety risks. We are also evaluating the need to conduct additional assessments in our suppliers’ other manufacturing facilities in the country.