Grievance Mechanisms

Grievance Mechanisms

We require facilities to provide a confidential and anonymous channel for workers to express grievances without fear of retaliation. The grievance process must allow for a timely response, with documentation, and an action plan to address the issue. Our field team trains factory workers and managers on establishing and using grievance mechanisms. If our team identifies any issues, we require facilities to implement corrective action plans and evaluate their performance. 

In 2015, we provided all of our suppliers with information on how to effectively operate and manage grievance mechanisms. Key elements include: 

  • information on how effective grievance mechanisms can play an important role in identifying, preventing and remediating issues of concern on the facility floor 
  • how facility-level grievance mechanisms can help support workers’ ability to raise concerns and seek remedy in the workplace 
  • how mechanisms can enable facility management to understand and address issues before they escalate into bigger issues

We also train facility managers and workers on effectively using and managing grievance mechanisms through our Workplace Cooperation Program.

Going forward, we will be focusing on improving facilities’ capabilities to implement properly functioning grievance mechanisms and ensuring workers are able to use them to advocate for their rights and well-being.