Goals and Progress

Goals and Progress

Holding ourselves accountable is fundamental to our approach to sustainability – below are key goals, our progress to date and where we are heading in the future.

Current Goals

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Completion Target*


This Way Ahead: First Jobs
Gap Inc 5% of new store hires are from This Way Ahead 668 new store hires (0.66% of total new hires) were from This Way Ahead in 2017 2025 Tracking
Gap Inc 10,000 teens and young adults participate in This Way Ahead 3,900 youth completed the program as of 2017. Expansion to over 30 cities has broadened our reach, allowing us to scale 2020 Tracking
Community Investment
Gap Inc $15M per year in employee-driven community investment

$14.8 million in employee driven community investment in 2017, made up of employee volunteer hours, financial donations, volunteer hours and Gap Inc. matching of time and money

Ongoing Tracking
P.A.C.E.: Empowering Women
 Gap Inc Improve the lives of one million women and girls in Gap Inc.’s supply chain and other manufacturing and community settings through the Gap Inc. P.A.C.E. program 190,000 women have participated through November 2018 2022 Adjusted
Athleta 10,000 women empowered through P.A.C.E. and Fair Trade 2,503 women have been reached through P.A.C.E. and Fair Trade in Athleta supplier facilities 2020 Tracking
Supply Chain Working Conditions
Gap Inc 100% of Gap Inc.’s suppliers producing branded apparel are rated yellow or green 95% of facilities rated yellow or green through 2017 2020 Tracking
Gap Inc 100% of Gap Inc.’s suppliers producing branded apparel transition from cash based systems to digital wage payments 68% of suppliers are using checks or bank transfers 2020 New
Gap Inc 200 facilities participating in Workplace Cooperation Program 69 supplier facilities are participating 2018 New
Gap Inc 50% absolute reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in our owned and operated facilities globally 14% reduction achieved through 2017, from 2015 baseline 2020 Tracking
Gap Inc 80% waste diversion from landfill for our U.S. facilities 47% of waste is estimated to be diverted from landfill across U.S. facilities 2020 Tracking
Gap Inc Work towards zero discharge of hazardous chemicals in our supply chain through membership in ZDHC 2020 Roadmap Strategic facilities must comply with the ZDHC Manufacturing Restricted Substances List and verify through wastewater testing. 2020 Tracking
Gap Inc Save 10 billion liters of water in our manufacturing processes Gap Inc. suppliers have saved over 3.3 billion liters of water since 2014 2020 New
Athleta 25% of product made using techniques that save water 1% of product was made using techniques that save water in 2017 2020 Tracking
 Product Sustainability 
Gap Inc Eliminate the use of fibers derived from wood from ancient and endangered forests Our teams are partnering with mills to identify our raw-material suppliers in order to to go through CanopyStyle’s audit and remediation plan, and to develop trials using innovative fabrics 2020 Tracking
Gap 100% of cotton purchased from more sustainable sources Sourcing of more sustainable cotton increased over 10x in 2017, we will report on percentage progress towards goal in 2018 2021 New
Athleta 80% of materials made with sustainable fibers 35% of Spring 2018 product was made with sustainable fibers 2020 New

* End of Year

Completed Goals

  Goal Details Completion Target* Status
Gap Inc Ensure female representation at all leadership levels is meaningfully above external norms Women make up 76% of our employees, 68% of our global store managers, 50% of our leadership (VP and up) and serve equally as our brand leaders. Ongoing Tracking
Gap Inc Pilot and commit to expand programs that provide advance notice and stable, flexible scheduling to store employees We’ve eliminated on-call scheduling and provide store employees with at last 10 to 14 days’ notice for their schedules, throughout our brands 2017 Complete
Gap Inc 60% of This Way Ahead participants report increased on-the-job skills and confidence as a result of their internships 97% of youth report increase in soft skills and 66% of youth report increase in confidence 2018 Complete
Gap Inc 65% of This Way Ahead interns receive offers to continue as Gap Inc. sales associates upon the completion of their internships 77% of interns received job offers 2020 Complete
Gap Inc All teams have a Community Leader (CL), and all CLs organize and lead at least 3 volunteer projects per year 62% of teams have a CL; 74% of CLs led at least 3 volunteer projects 2018 Complete
Gap Inc All Community Leaders form a long-term relationship with one nonprofit partner to maximize volunteering impact 81% of have established relationships 2018 Complete
Gap Inc Expand P.A.C.E. to a suite of learning programs that provides multiple entry points for addressing the needs of adolescent girls and women leaders Expanded program to bring new educational opportunities to girls ages 11 to 17. New curriculum focuses on improving self-confidence and helping girls develop future goals and aspirations 2020 Complete
Gap Inc Partner with Verité and strategic suppliers to measure workers’ sense of value and engagement at work, and launch projects aimed at improving 20,000 workers’ engagement. Publicly report on findings and impact, and share best practices with all Gap Inc. suppliers Implemented Workforce Engagement Program at 89 facilities representing 220,000 workers with Verité and Good World Solutions 2018 Complete
Gap Inc 100% of strategic suppliers of branded apparel self-report their sustainability performance in Gap Inc.’s global sustainability data system As part of the Social and Labor Convergence Project, we are helping to create a shared tool for footwear and apparel companies to assess factories’ social and labor performance. This represents a more unified effort to self-report sustainability performance 2018 Complete
Gap Inc Save 1 billion liters of water in our manufacturing process Gap Inc suppliers saved 2.4 billion liters of water in 2017 2017 Complete

 * End of Year